Chainring Transit Authority

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Chainring Transit Authority

P. Lynn Miller of CTA was kind enough to answer my forum calls for a cheap 18th cog with “hey, we’re making them, want to run one for free?” How could an offer like that be turned down? I’ll admit to being slightly dubious about running “beta” hardware; only because the thought of tearing the teeth off on a heavy lockup was not a pretty one. It has however held up nicely without any problems. Sound-wise it pretty much matches my previous Dura-Ace.
CTA are proposing two versions of the cog; one standard (the one I have below), and their bling version, which is polished (and slightly more expensive). Running 16t through to 20t in 1/8th width.

Release date this year, prices still unknown; keep an eye out for the only (?) Australian-made street track cogs.

Link: Chainring Transit Authority




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