testing the water – news post

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testing the water – news post

Normally I’d just go straight to the forum on these sorts of sites. But seeming as Nick put together this rather dishy front page, I usually wander in from here instead. I perused the latest news and Guilt began to creep up on me, so I grabbed a loose spoke, turned around and stabbed Guilt through the heart. Then I lapsed back into reality and thought: “Hey, I’ve got fingers, I could type something up, surely it isn’t that hard?”.

Well, actually it is. You see, there is this whole dilemma of: What do I write about and how much and from what perspective. Am I going to end up writing something so trivial no one will care to read it? Do I write like a spaz? Where are my pants? So before I wander too far from reality again, here’s the some Melbourne news:

  • MARCH 2: screening of Quicksilver at my place, PM me if interested. So far I’ve got primz, 853, whatthekoon & maxitaxi signed up.
  • MARCH 4: Saturday morning ride as normal, 7:30AM corner of Swanston and Elgin.
  • MARCH 4: Saturday evening ride might be happening, “Mr 100+ posts” Rhino mooted the idea , but so far there doesn’t seem to be any particular plan. Could be a good one for all those kids who can’t make it Saturday morning. Maybe 7:30PM, the usual spot?
  • MARCH 11: Saturday afternoon the Aeolian ride, which I guess a few people from these parts might be going along to. 4:00PM, Station pier. All the suit things are taken, but I might get dressed up for it anyway as it’s the day after my birthday. I think there could be a lot of the CM kids there, but don’t let that stop you all from going.


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  1. cfsmtb says:

    As I was born in the 1960’s, how can I still qualify as a “kid”?

  2. roguedubb says:

    Age matters not. Anyone who can jump on a bike and have fun just riding around on it is still partly a kid, which is a _good_ thing.

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