The Hell of the Northcote A Smashing Success

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The Hell of the Northcote A Smashing Success

Not that you’d know but now I’m rewriting this from scratch for a second time because WordPress is a piece of shit, and perhaps because I wasn’t paying enough attention to what I was doing.

Anyway, the Melburn-Roobaix was run on Saturday and by all accounts was a huge success. I wasn’t counting but Trackcunt was and there were more than the hoped-for 100 riders participating. The course was challenging and lots of fun. My bike suffered some wear and tear (just like I did) but it was all worth it.

A couple of punctures were enjoyed but other than that I didn’t hear of any injuries. Although I’m sure a few riders copped some talcum powder in the eyes as a reward for climbing the Col d’Northcote.

Highlights included:
– The Mapei QuickStep squad (recreating the 1999 Paris-Roubaix) – great work guys!
– The workmen near the Bolte Bridge providing an impromptu feed zone and the ’ALLEZ!’ chorus.
– The brutal Col d’Northcote.
– The errr…encouragement and support.
– Our team member Des, taking out the big prize – a pair of polished Deep V rims from CTA.
– Hearing Spuddy’s tyre go ’sssssssssssssssss’.
This guy.
– The looks on people’s faces at Northcote Plaza as dozens of sweaty, dirty, laughing, talcum-powder covered riders invaded the place buying hamburger buns, rolls and sausages.

Big Thanks to:
– Trackcunt and Ugly for organising everything, including the well-earned bbq & keg.
– Sponsors CTA, Shifterbikes, Fyxomatosis, Deluxe Bicycle Club, Bikenow
– Nath, for showing up just to take some pics.
– and thanks to M!key for helping the breakaway 😉

For more talk and pics, have a look here, here and here… and here.
Stay tuned for the ‘Freeway Madison’ and ‘Mean Streets’.

6 responses to “The Hell of the Northcote A Smashing Success”

  1. m!key says:

    Nice summation Nick! t’was an excellent ride indeed. Hmmm… when riding up over Richmond Hill I may have forgotten that it wasn’t a “race”… 😉

  2. cfsmtb says:

    Seriously tho, if anyone wants to do a recce for further mirth, there’s several more brutal stretchs of bluestone lanes in Northcote & West Brunswick, i.e: running parallel to Ilma Grove (N) & Zeal Street (WB)

  3. Nick says:

    Any chance of posting the route, so those of us that couldn’t make it on the day can have a squiz?!

  4. 853 says:

    I’ve still got the map so I’ll see what I can do. Bearing in mind, I can only tell you which route I took. I can’t really speak for anyone else.

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