Kookiebikes – Handbuilt Trackbikes

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Kookiebikes – Handbuilt Trackbikes

Not only does Matt at Melbourne based Kookiebikes carry my favourite ‘IZUMU Super Toughness’ 1/8th chain, he also makes beautiful bikes. And his latest piece of work is no exception. Handmade fillet-brazed frame with a mix of Kaisei and Columbus Max tubing. 100% NJS Components.

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  1. craig mcdonald says:

    This is actually my bike. It rides like a dream. Matt did a great job with size and fitting. The other stuff that hangs off the frame is all from Matt as well. Im a big bloke 85kg plus , this bike is stiff!! No problems. Look at those chain stays.I would recomend Matt as a builder to anyone

    Darwin NT Australia

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