The Hour Challenge – Saturday 21st April

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The Hour Challenge – Saturday 21st April

Our Hour Challenge

"The hour record is the most distinguished, and most difficult record in bicycling. It is different from all other records in that it is measured in metres, and not in minutes and seconds. How long a distance can you ride in exactly an hour? That is a question many famous riders, over the years, have tried to answer precisely." [The Impossible Hour]

On Saturday the 21st of April, join the regular Saturday ride and try to answer for yourself "How long a distance can you ride in exactly an hour?" This is a fun personal challenge, which will be run over two sessions from 8am to midday. Unlike the strict UCI rulings on bicycles and positions, there will be no rules; ride what you have, or add any aero advantage you can think of… like Boardman’s Superman or Moser’s Funny bike:

Chris Superman Boardman
Chris Superman Boardman

Francesco Moser's Funny Bike
Francesco Moser’s Funny Bike

Everyone is welcome, and welcome to take it as seriously or not as they desire.

Program of Events

  • 7:30am Federation Square : Warmup ride to Brunswick
  • 8:30am Brunswick Velodrome : 1st group hour
  • 10:00am Brunswick Velodrome : 2nd group hour
  • 11:30am : Post-ride picnic and bloody mary(s) at CERES

More information on the hour record

The current UCI hour records

Or join the discussion on the forums.

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2 responses to “The Hour Challenge – Saturday 21st April”

  1. hippy says:

    You forgot the coolest of the lot:

    It was ‘his’ superman position, not Boardman’s.

  2. ndf says:

    Sorry Hippy, yes I should have mentioned Obree – but I reckon he deserves a whole event dedicated just to him. Maybe next time heh.

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