Vote for a sticker design

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Vote for a sticker design

The new sticker designs are ready for voting! Please click on the thumbnails to check out the larger versions, and then make your vote. Thanks to everybody for taking the time to submit designs – I hope democratic voting shines, and we collectively choose the right design – I know which one I want to win! For designers with multiple designs, just vote for them once and we’ll re-vote on which one of theirs goes to the printer.

Please do not vote more than once. Voting closes one week from today (27th April)!

Powdah Elatito LAM
Powdah Elatito


2 responses to “Vote for a sticker design”

  1. fixxxboy says:

    does any one know how to vote on the stickers?
    i logged in, selected the one i want, and clicked vote, but nothing happened!?
    im new to this site, and maybe im missing something?
    thanks in advance

  2. LAM says:

    it worked most likely. you need to click on view votes, or whatever the button is called, to actually see what the vote tally is. there should probably be a screen saying ‘your vote has been entered’ or something, but there’s not.

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