Our Hours

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Our Hours

Lap Card

There’s something fascinating about the bicycling hour record. While riding in circles for an hour sounds like a simple and pointless activity, when you set out to answer for yourself the crucial question:

How long a distance can you ride in exactly an hour?

It makes sense in some sort of way. It is not just like riding for an hour, it is not like riding a long distance, it’s not like any other ride you’ll do. It is a remarkably difficult and rewarding challenge, that requires both physical and mental exertion. 16 riders took up the challenge this last Saturday and made a fantastic morning out of it.

In the spirit of the typical fixed.org.au rides, there were no hard rules. Just ride what you have for an hour. To save time we ran the event in two groups, those not riding would count laps for those riding. Des split us approximately according to gearing, and at about 8:30am the first group kicked off.

Traffic was inevitable, but passing while maintaining a sustainable rhythm enhanced the challenge, and helped to break the monotony.


Part of the fun of the split group was the constant encouragement being yelled out by counters, egging each rider on to stay out the hour, and then the benefit of being able to reverse roles for the running of the second group which set off just before 10am.

There were some temporary bunchings of similar paced riders, but most were able to find their own pace for the majority of the hour.

Groups formed

Thanks to everyone for coming along and for making this such a fun event! Here are a few links to photos taken on the day:

The results…

Blakey Corey Cress Damo
Distance: 32.69 km 35.10 km 34.16 km 35.83 km
Gear: 70 " 65 " 81 " 85 "
Des Horatio John Jules
Distance: 31.49 km 37.16 km 34.43 km 33.49 km
Gear: 69 " 88 " 77 " 63 "
Lats Mike Nath NickR
Distance: 38.20 km 37.16 km 38.87 km 34.06 km
Gear: 76 " 76 " 81 " 75 "
NickT Pete Steve Tristan
Distance: 37.20 km 34.46 km 35.92 km 40.00 km
Gear: 75 " 80 " 80 " 93 "

Again? Are you crazy?! Interestingly, almost everyone said, at some point following their ride, something along the lines of: "Next time, I’ll [blah blah]". Maybe, in about six months, they’ll all get their chance.

the end of the hours

ndf 23/04/2007

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  1. mj says:

    I think that Damo and I are smiling a bit too much… (see photo above)

    Next time I’ll try! 😉

  2. Some really impressive distances there, especially without specific training/altitude/etc.

    Good work!

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