Bespoke Chainrings

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Bespoke Chainrings

Cycle Underground, a Sydney-based bicycle workshop and components manufacturer, has recently begun production of singlespeed/fixed chainrings, made to order and delivered Australia-wide. Their claim: High quality, true, strong, long-wearing and affordable chainrings for a large range of bcd and tooth counts – and all this from an Australian company? This sounded far too good to be true, so I ordered a few to try them out.

After a brief exchange with John from Cycle Underground, I settled a design to match my crankset, and ordered a few different sizes for use on the track. The end product was just fantastic!

Ring on the bike

The shape and anodising worked quite well with the cranks, and the fit was superbe. According to the CU website, the tooth profile is machined closer to the diameter of chain rollers, and there is less of a chamfer on the teeth edges. This results in a slightly "beefier" looking tooth (especially when combined with the 4mm plate option):

Teeth closeup

On my first few rides I noticed that the drivetrain was significantly quieter than with the Sugino 75 chainring that came with the bike. This initial quiet seemed to wear off a bit, but only while coasting. Under power there was less binding transferred through the cranks, and a quiet, smooth transmission. Chain tension is a breeze too since these rings are actually round! Just slap it on, tighten and bam – no tightspots. I’m really happy with the end result both functionally and aesthetically and can’t recommend them enough.

For now, they are available in 4 different designs, numbered 1 to 4:

Available designs

Maybe… "Messenger", "Hour Record", "Classic Track" and "Post Modern" (??). High quality: check. Affordable: check. Made to order: check. Locally manufactured: check. Good product by good people!

Please see the Cycle Underground Chainrings page for more information.

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