[MEL] Puzzlecat : Sat Dec 8th

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[MEL] Puzzlecat : Sat Dec 8th

"It’s not a race, it’s fun with a result!"

Meet us at Federation Square at 7:30am on Saturday the 8th of December for the Melbourne fixed org au birthday and xmas puzzlecat. This is a team pairs event where you and your partner will need to navigate your way to controls at which you will find answers to puzzle questions. All controls will be optional, some will be worth more points than others and there will be a strict time limit of two hours.

Teams will be given a clue sheet at the rider briefing and will have 30 minutes to plan a route. They will then have two hours to get as many points as they can before finishing at the final control (aka BBQ). Points will be deducted for late return to the BBQ site.

This is not a fixed-only event so everyone is welcome to attend, just turn up at Fed Square on the morning with your partner – or, if you don’t have anyone to ride with, show up and we’ll pair you up with someone. Fast riding will not be required to get high points.

Free entry, everyone welcome. For more information, please email nathan at undershorts dot org or check the forums


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