Missing Lanes, Brisbane Alleycat – NEW DATE

Posted on 3rd October, by in Meets. 8 Comments

Missing Lanes, Brisbane Alleycat – NEW DATE

Due to weather Missing Lanes is now on the 31/10/08 – Same place: Cathedral Square, 410 Ann St at 6:30 for a 7pm start.

8 responses to “Missing Lanes, Brisbane Alleycat – NEW DATE”

  1. Kenoath says:

    Has this been postponed to the 31st?

  2. Nick says:

    Yes, I just updated the flyer about ten seconds ago 😉

  3. Kenoath says:

    Fantastic is it now part dress up party being halloween and all *shifty eyes*

  4. tmc says:

    Is this still on?
    This would be my first alley cat. ( you guest it – non courier)

    Is there anything else I have to know except how to findthe start?

  5. NIFTY says:

    Can anyone tell me what this event is about? As many details as popssible would be good


  6. Jeanie Cooke says:


  7. bugimen says:

    Ëó÷øåå ïîðíî ñäåñü:


  8. WrotSmursuast says:

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