New skids on the Block

Posted on 11th August, by in Meets. 2 Comments

New skids on the Block

OK guys here it is Skid vicious 2, aka New Skids on the Block. It’s gonna be EPIC, throw in MASSIVE prizes trackstand comp, footdown best trick and velo fountain track and BANG it’s on bitches. Want more? How about a BBQ and beer ? not enough? kk lets bring the beats back and celebrate swamp donkey Brian AKA the wonder twin’s Birthday and there u have it BE THERE or you’ll kick yourself. Don’t believe the greek, check out last years epic footage here

New Skids on the block

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  1. Captain Australia says:

    This thing is gonna be Epic. I say the winner should get a flight over to race Insane Bolt. Bike vs Man lol

  2. Davison says:

    Such a usefule blog wow !!!!

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