SKS Longboard Mudguard Review

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SKS Longboard Mudguard Review

The SKS mudguards have become more or less the go-to guard for winter cycling, providing excellent coverage, quality hardware and minimal additional weight to your cycling setup at around 600grams.

The additional fender length and mudflap keep mud and water away from your shoes and back where it came from – the road.

The only caveat with these fenders (and most any fender except for products like the Ass Saver, is that sometimes mounting can be a little bit tricky – with this in mind, do double check your frame has guard/rack tabs – racing frames probably won’t.


Section: 45 mm, 35 mm
Rim: 28”
Colour: black
Fastening: Secu Clip
Weight: 689g
Length front fender: 960 mm
Length rear fender: 1300 mm


Pros: Best guard for the money, excellent quality
Cons: Sometimes fiddly to mount

Price / Where to buy

Buy online – currently $43.99AUD (41% off).

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