advertising info is the largest Fixed gear website & forum in Australia, and has been running since 2005.

We do banner advertising to support the site, and only accept bicycle related banners – with a preference towards Australian based businesses. Currently receives 1500 unique visits (not hits) per day, primarily from Australian riders. The site has 480,742 posts and 26,589 members as at Mar, 2015.

Forum/site wide banner advertising rates:

$420 = 3 months
$285 = 2 months
$150 = 1 month

Special hobbyist rate of $50/month


To learn more or discuss advertising, please email nick at fixed dot org dot au
Banner dimensions are strictly 468x60px in GIF or JPG, animated banners are permitted. has 480,742 posts and 26,589 members.
You will be invoiced monthly from the date your banner starts – payment via direct debit or Paypal in AUD.