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Bespoke Chainrings

Posted ons 16th November, by ndf in For Sale, General, Mechanics, Parts. 1 Comment
Bespoke Chainrings

Cycle Underground, a Sydney-based bicycle workshop and components manufacturer, has recently begun production of singlespeed/fixed chainrings, made to order and delivered Australia-wide. Their claim: High quality, true, strong, long-wearing and affordable chainrings for a large range of bcd and tooth counts – and all this from an Australian company? This sounded far too good to be true, so I ordered a few to try them out.

After a brief exchange with John from Cycle Underground, I settled a design to match my crankset, and ordered a few different sizes for use on the track. The end product was just fantastic!

The shape and anodising worked quite well with the cranks, and the fit was superbe. According to the CU website, the tooth profile is machined closer to the diameter of chain rollers, and there is less of a chamfer on the teeth …

Kookiebikes – Handbuilt Trackbikes

Posted ons 29th January, by Nick in Mechanics, Melbourne. 1 Comment

Not only does Matt at Melbourne based Kookiebikes carry my favourite ‘IZUMU Super Toughness’ 1/8th chain, he also makes beautiful bikes. And his latest piece of work is no exception. Handmade fillet-brazed frame with a mix of Kaisei and Columbus Max tubing. 100% NJS Components.

Why Skid Patches?

Posted ons 27th November, by ndf in General, Mechanics. 8 Comments
Why Skid Patches?

A few weeks ago, on a regular Saturday ride we were talking crap as always and I said something along the lines of:

” blah blah f@#$ed blah coffee blah blah 17 tooth cog, which is great for skid patches.”

Des immediately stopped me with: “Why is a 17t good for skid patches?” My response was pretty much equivalent to “er – cos, um… 17 patches”. Naturally, he was not convinced, so I showed him. We flipped the bike, chose a reference and then started turning the cranks. Luckily, there were indeed 17 distinct places the wheel would rotate to, which for someone skidding with the same foot forward would result in 17 skid patches. Des then said something about having a 20t cog and therefore it being just as good, if not better, to which I replied something like “no, because …

Fixin’ To Fixxit With a Fixxer

Posted ons 5th March, by 853 in General, Mechanics, Parts. 10 Comments
Fixin’ To Fixxit With a Fixxer

Finally it’s done. Two objectives achieved at once. I’ve converted an old eight speed Shimano 600 road hub to a fixed hub with a Surly Fixxer, and I’ve converted my road bike into a fixed.

So here’s a short HOWTO with some tips and tricks.

Step 1 – So What is Surly Fixxer?
The Fixxer is a device which replaces the cassette body on a Shimano freehub (except Silent Clutch hubs and pre-1997 Dura Ace) and allows the use of a track cog and lockring, making it a fixed gear hub. It should work on most Shimano-compatible hubs but that sometimes requires a bit of creative modification of the hub. It has been done successfully on some carbon Spinergy models.

The threaded part on the left of the picture is what threads into the hub in place of the cassette body. The cog and …