FOA Movie Night – Part Two: The BBQ (May 2013)

Hey hey

It’s time for another movie night after the lolfest that was the first installment.

This time we’re running it in conjunction with the good people at The Electron Workshop and we’re going to have a BBQ for those that are interested!

Tickets are not required but there will be a coupla gold coins for refreshments (NO BYO PLEASE) and said BBQ, as well as a cheeky raffle for a yet to be determined prize.

This will be lowkey, relaxed, but heaps of fun. bad commentary will be welcome as well as the appropriate oooohs and aahhhhhs when required from the sublime directing from whichever film we decide to watch (i may even have multiple options and put it to a vote/trackstand comp!!)

So come on down to The Electron Workshop on Wednesday May 22nd for part two of the FOA Movie Night.



*Robbie McEwen will almost certainly NOT be there, but that’s ok, dead legs will be**, and he’s a total babe.

**also unconfirmed