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Thread: T7 customer service

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    That is how you pack a bike to fit into a standard bike box with the rear wheel (it's how they come from the factory) it's shit if there was no bubble wrap between the frame and bars etc though.

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    never unpacked from the box, sorry, but not a hint of bubble wrap, pedals just bouncing around, loose, seat/post loose also
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    yes, scott's real name is "2002 world sprint champion sean eadie"
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    hey scottridesabike you're a big dickhead
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    fuck bikes. just bought another motorbike on the weekend. braaaap

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    I packed a BMX like that to send to gypsy (rear wheel still on) did not know that was not kosher??? That being said, everything loose in the box was either wrapped in newspaper or cardboard to protect it??

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