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Thread: for all those here before 2008.

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    for all those here before 2008.

    dear original crew,

    i wasn't in the first wave of users. probably closer to second wave. you guys were probably all here watching as me and a bunch of other noobs came through and made this place our own. and eventually a whole bunch of you left and didn't come back. a similar process is occurring right now - a bunch of new folks are coming through, with their own sets of values and ideas, and older folks (like me, i guess) are finding these values and ideas in opposition to theirs.

    my question for those of you who remain is this: did it piss you off back then, when each new wave came through, as much as it pisses me off right now? and, more to the point, how are you still here? have you had to step back from the site every now and then? stop going to rides and alleycats? this site has given me a lot over the past three or four years - i've met (and continue to meet) a heap of rad folks, done a bunch of awesome rides, and had a lot of lolz. i'm not sure i want to give that up, but at the same time, i'm not sure if i can handle the difference between ideologies any more. hence this thread. any input you have would be much appreciated.




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    heres more than 10 characters
    Quote Originally Posted by AL9000
    That's not the BCC club prez or a colnago. That's Greg B on a shitter in gumboots.

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    Yes. 1
    "A shit cog will destroy any good hub..."

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    Damn, noobs, get off my e-lawn...]
    Quote Originally Posted by heavymetal View Post
    The furries probably think us bike people are a bunch of freaks.
    Quote Originally Posted by lokione View Post
    Whatever! Next month I'm gonna ride a uni cycle with a paddle tyre accross Bass Straight with Afgan midget siamese twin strippers on my shoulders to raise awearness for migrant exploitation. Amature...
    Quote Originally Posted by justdave View Post
    That's sig worthy, some one jump on it!
    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
    Slightly confused as to what a town bike was (is it fixed, where can I find one, how much does it cost, how long must I wait for shipping?) I googled "town bike".

    Well I feel silly now

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    aww, somehow this makes me feel a bit better.

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    How the hell have i been here since 2006?

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    early adopter?

    weren't you, like, 15 in 2006?

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    Yes+Don't go!

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    i was on a very close knit forum where the old guard resisted the integration of new members. the forum ended up dying out.

    since this forum has been renovated, i've spent a lot less time here, and that's not a bad thing..

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    Quote Originally Posted by LAM View Post
    since this forum has been renovated, i've spent a lot less time here, and that's not a bad thing..
    Can I ask (seriously) how a better functioning forum (renovation) kept you away?

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