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Thread: Bike clothing fashion shoot- need ideas

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    Bike clothing fashion shoot- need ideas

    Hi fixedies,
    I am after some ideas for some photos I want to make. I want them to be slightly off centre and I thought of no better place to ask than here

    After some links or photos you like that are similar and along the lines of


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    Go riding with friends, take a camera.

    Shoot when they're riding, and not riding.

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    If only it were that simple... it's a scheduled type thing.

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    probably somewhere
    bunch of dudes, covered in road grime, scabby knees and all, drinking out of brown paper bags in a service alley (not a laneway/tourist attraction).
    or you could do something pompous and artsy?

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    Should of provided more info
    I am a photographer and have been hired to shoot some shots like above for a new clothing company in Belgium. Few issues are. It's only triathlon race wear, I only have 1 day and my female model/athlete from NZ just pulled out due to other commitments! I only have one male and one female model. This is not my usual type of shoot so I am gathering ideas and inspiration from around the place. Will be hiring a hotel room as the brief is "getting race ready" but the owner wants images like I linked above. I am new to the fixie/SS scene and there are some super cool images around on sites like the Rapha one.

    Am flicking through here also trackosaurus rex

    I think I have found a new personal project

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    probably somewhere
    check out fyxomatosis' "early riser" shoot from a few weeks ago, that should give you a few ideas.

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    That is awesome
    and also hot!

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    triathlon, that's like cycling with a spot of swimming, yah? blakey's got you covered:
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    hahaha awesome
    it's got running in there as well!

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    yeah dude, you should totally hit up blakey. he'd be perfect for this. his username is blakey.

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