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Thread: Double elephant trunk FTW!!

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    Double elephant trunk FTW!!

    YouTube - David Schnabel Kunstrad Weltrekord bei 2.German Masters 25.Sept. 2010

    moar german artistic cycling insanity. double elephant trunk action from 1:10
    oh. i was thinking like Smorgys only 100 times bigger.
    dildos that actually look like wangs are kinda expensive
    You're all hopped up on goofballs
    I'm sure there are forums dedicated to the world's shittest youtube vids. Fortunately, this is not one of them.
    that's kinda like sleeping with your best friend's wife, then asking him to wipe your dick afterwards
    you revived a 4 month old thread to say you love ball sacks?
    So how do I machine a sidewall? Do I use a hammer and a chisel, or do I pour acid all over my rims?
    Self delusion and garlic bread.
    Giving people grief is all I have left. Why would you take that away?
    I tried to make champagne with a Soda Stream once. Ended up painting the ceiling with goon and blinding 3 of my friends.
    The hate's so chunky you could carve it...
    I heard he burns children in his forge and puts the soul of a child into each frame
    Son, you gotta feed the horse before you leave the club
    This should feel like my gooch is being suspended on the feathers of archangels...
    apart from the above, i'm pretty much a piece of shit.
    I was warned about all you assholes

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    I'd call that 'The Titanic'

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    I can do that, I just don't want to.
    Daily: 1990 Mazda MX5.
    Weekender: Pink custom Columbus Life Kumo tarck WEAPON.

    Quote Originally Posted by chazhutton View Post
    When I want to pick up, I just pretend to be like Dylan.
    I'm guessing that's probably easier for you to do though.
    @wantmetosmashthatcameraforya on insta. Look me up. My shit is good as.

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    at 3:25 in........... no. fucking. way!!
    Quote Originally Posted by P!N20 View Post
    I don't need my Honda Jazz, I don't need my Italian road bike, I don't need my life size cut out of Rolly, but I enjoy all of these things.
    Quote Originally Posted by iwearmoccos View Post
    I ride past 2 crossfit gyms on my way to Yarra Trails.
    I make sure to pop a wheelie past the roller door of their box so they know how much fun I'm having.
    Quote Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
    or as we call them 'The smooth faces'
    Quote Originally Posted by HeavyMetalCyclist View Post
    on a spectrum of 0 sensations to 10, the personification of that spectrum is rolly to haussler.

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    I might as well just give up now after having watched that... sitting on reversed drops doing fakies...WTF???
    somehow my (manly) bunnyhops & (attempting to jump) flights of stairs just feels pathetic now

    "ooh I did 5 steps" = (now) feeble

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    Quote Originally Posted by rolly View Post
    at 3:25 in........... no. fucking. way!!
    yeah, now those are some epic barspinzzzz.

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    Does he actually give his bike a little kiss there, at the end?

    and he wins the Keo comp hands down!!!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by nikcee View Post
    but then im old and need all the help i can get to keep up with the young whippersnappers.

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    this kid is just a few steps away from being the scene's (sorry, I mean culture's) new poster boy! all he has to do now is grow a massive beart, put on some skinny jeans, flanno shirt and retro cycling cap, get some "no brakes" inspired knuckle tattoos, drink PBR out of cans and he's good to go...

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    Just because you're on a fixie doesn't make saluting Hitler any less politically incorrect.

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