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    NY Keiren

    Hey today I was reading about a fantastic new event: The NY Keiren!! Perfect for your NJS track bike!

    We should have a go at running one on a saturday ride some time. It basically goes like this...

    The event is staged on a busy sidewalk of a cafe, gallery or 'art' shopping street. Riders* are required to wheel their bicycles along a short course behind a well-dressed female, jostling for position. At the end of the course, the pacer will enter a cafe, at which time all hell breaks loose: The riders* jostle for the best parking spot for their bicycle, then once they are in place, a photo is taken and submitted to velospace for judging. The riders then jostle for seats and order water and coffee. They watch the progress of the results on their 'newtons' and discuss their clothing until a winner is decided.

    Tactics play a big part in the event, with riders being required to submit beforehand their chosen walking 'side', and finishing tactic. One of three finishing tactics may be chosen, each with their own benefits and potential drawbacks:

    - kawai : The ugliest or most grotesque vehicle will likely draw much attention, but may also draw unwanted scorn from the judges.

    - kitune : A cunning placement which will complement, or perhaps camoflage the vehicle.

    - muzukashi : A vehicle that is near impossible to use draws the admiration and envy of the judges.

    Rules are very strict:

    - No rider may ever actually ride their bike
    - Helmets must NOT be worn. If a helmet is carried it must be draped casually over the handlebars where it may snag another's pedals to cause spectactular crash.
    - Cycling shoes must not be worn. Sneakers with little or no soul or optionally thongs are allowed
    - Once parked the bikes must not be moved until a winner has been decided.

    * Although participants are referred to as 'riders', they must not under any circumstance ever ride their bikes. This action will result in immediate disqualification.

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    Re: NY Keiren

    Quote Originally Posted by eavyMetalCHyclist View Post
    I thought it was called touring and you did it on a shitbox Shogun from 1992

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    Re: NY Keiren

    too funny
    By the Power of Greyskull !!?

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