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Thread: Best cycling city?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heavymetal View Post
    The furries probably think us bike people are a bunch of freaks.
    Quote Originally Posted by lokione View Post
    Whatever! Next month I'm gonna ride a uni cycle with a paddle tyre accross Bass Straight with Afgan midget siamese twin strippers on my shoulders to raise awearness for migrant exploitation. Amature...
    Quote Originally Posted by justdave View Post
    That's sig worthy, some one jump on it!
    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
    Slightly confused as to what a town bike was (is it fixed, where can I find one, how much does it cost, how long must I wait for shipping?) I googled "town bike".

    Well I feel silly now

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    Yeah - Voting more than once just seems to keep upping the count for the city. No IP address filter = bad poll.

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    but if you vote for melbourne, the council/govt/whoever is gonna claim that as some kinda victory. and while i think melb is a good place for cycling, some fuckwits are doing all they can to get the scourge of cyclists off the road
    oh. i was thinking like Smorgys only 100 times bigger.
    dildos that actually look like wangs are kinda expensive
    You're all hopped up on goofballs
    I'm sure there are forums dedicated to the world's shittest youtube vids. Fortunately, this is not one of them.
    that's kinda like sleeping with your best friend's wife, then asking him to wipe your dick afterwards
    you revived a 4 month old thread to say you love ball sacks?
    So how do I machine a sidewall? Do I use a hammer and a chisel, or do I pour acid all over my rims?
    Self delusion and garlic bread.
    Giving people grief is all I have left. Why would you take that away?
    I tried to make champagne with a Soda Stream once. Ended up painting the ceiling with goon and blinding 3 of my friends.
    The hate's so chunky you could carve it...
    I heard he burns children in his forge and puts the soul of a child into each frame
    Son, you gotta feed the horse before you leave the club
    This should feel like my gooch is being suspended on the feathers of archangels...
    apart from the above, i'm pretty much a piece of shit.
    I was warned about all you assholes

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    home or work or out
    Ctrl-F "Tamworth not found"

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    no write in option?

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    Sydney winning? Wat? Looks to me like Sugarkane has put 4000+ votes in.

    + 1 for Tamworth!!!

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    WOO yeah, lets all vote for Me\bourne, then the fuckers can have operation Nora the 2nd and make not having a bell punishable by death but hey it's all legit cos Me\bourne is still the best cycling city in the milky way.

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    Fuck I can't stand cycling in Melbourne.
    Riding along lookin out for taxi's and FUCKEN BOOM there's a red light and you're halfway through it, and there's a cop glaring and you so youu fang it.
    I'm voting for Glenelg in adelaide cos of all the roadie porn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chazhutton View Post
    When I want to pick up, I just pretend to be like Dylan.
    I'm guessing that's probably easier for you to do though.
    @wantmetosmashthatcameraforya on insta. Look me up. My shit is good as.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The JAMS View Post
    some fuckwits are doing all they can to get the scourge of cyclists off the road
    We've had 2 in the past 2 months. The cops must hate cyclists for sure.

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    Voted for Canberra.
    Not that I'm hating on Sydney, but I'd bloody love some of those crazy wide bike lanes they have in the ACT.
    Looks like a shitty website anyway, I'm sure they have a lot of sway with councils and peak cycling bodies.

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