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Thread: 1984 De Rosa Pista

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    1984 De Rosa Pista

    I finally got around to taking some pictures of my newest addition today. This one has been a long time coming and I've waited a couple of years to find a De Rosa Pista in the right size, in good condition and within my budget. This one came up on German ebay a few months back and naturally I snapped it up.

    It's a 1984 De Rosa Pista built with Columbus SP tubing. From my limited research it seems that SP tubing was up next to SL at the top of Columbus' tubesets in the day, but has a larger wall thickness. It was recommended for larger standard size frames, and was best suited to heavy riders for track events or road races on uneven surfaces.

    The frame is stamped with the serial number #10, and is painted in the Sammontana team colour scheme.

    Moreno Argentin (born 17/12/60) was Italian national champion in 1983 and 1989, and world champion in 1986.

    I spoke to Cristiano De Rosa about the frame and he told me that they produced a very limited number of these frames, and that they were numbered sequentially.

    This has become my new track bike and gets a ride every Tuesday at Chandler velodrome (when it's not raining). It came with a set of Campagnolo pista cranks but they are the older 151BCD ones and I don't need another collection of chainrings so decided to put a spare set of Dura-Ace NJS cranks on there.

    The Panto stem came with the bike as did the bars, saddle, fluted seatpost and Hatta Swan headset. I took the wheels off my old track bike which are Suzue NJS hubs laced to Velocity Aeroheads with Veloflex Record 22s.

    Thanks to fellow trackie Tang for this photo
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    Very, very good. A lovely find Dan! Needs moar rizorz though.
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    Dam nice mate. That stable just keeps getting more impressive.
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    Thats gotta be worth the wait, beautiful bike

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    That pantoed stem is something special!
    Speaking of De Rosa's I dodged one in Brisbane on Merivale road at midday today while carrying my track bike to the station.
    Guy was on a blue De Rosa road bike with a similar colour scheme, looked the goods.
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    Great bike and great reading.

    Didn't you already have a very nice bike for the track?

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    Quote Originally Posted by etomato View Post
    Great bike and great reading.

    Didn't you already have a very nice bike for the track?
    Does that have anything to do with getting another bike?

    I'm stuffed.
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    Well I feel silly now

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    awesome job.
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    Wow i love that frame.

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    so good!

    needs double aerospokes and LED lights though.

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