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Thread: Dingoes? Babies? Hungry?

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    Dingoes? Babies? Hungry?

    Anyone have a some spare venture capital laying about? Looking to invest in a sure-thing? Look no further you heathen slob because I've got the perfect solution:

    Hungry Hungry Dingoes!

    Basically, we'd take Hungry hungry hippoes, replace the hippoes with dingoes, the balls with babies and BAM, we've got instant shelf-space in every Australiana store across the nation!

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    Re: Dingoes? Babies? Hungry?

    What have you been taking lately John?

    No. I do not ride for fashion and I do not care if your bicycle is prettier than mine.

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    Re: Dingoes? Babies? Hungry?

    Quote Originally Posted by whatthekoon
    What have you been taking lately John?
    Just a combination of: too much exercise, not enough sleep, too much work and possibly, just possibly too much coffee to try and compensate...

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    Re: Dingoes? Babies? Hungry?

    Would the slogan be something like 'Hungry hungry dingoes, coming for a tasty little morsel near you'?
    Rene 5:11

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortsie
    As if i'd walk in and demand a free pie without the appropriate paperwork

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