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Thread: NikCee Rulz OK!

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    NikCee Rulz OK!

    NikCee just sent me a CD featuring a bunch of old Syd punk/HC including the Gilgamesh album I have been hunting for for well over a decade, close to 15 years. Fuckin' Amazing.

    Thank you SO much NikCee. I will return the favour shortly.

    You couldn't punch the smile off my face right now.

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    I love NikCee.

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    NikCee > God
    Quote Originally Posted by Lemontime View Post
    What should I eat for food?!

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    seriously can't think of many better dudes that I've met through riding bikes <3

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    You can't not like NikCee
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    Quote Originally Posted by chazhutton View Post
    When I want to pick up, I just pretend to be like Dylan.
    I'm guessing that's probably easier for you to do though.
    @wantmetosmashthatcameraforya on insta. Look me up. My shit is good as.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AL9000 View Post
    It's an épée!

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    I'm glad that was the response rather than 'for fecks sake... finally he sends it!'

    I figured i'd just mail and it and surprise you.

    i have to say, digging out some of those cds was a great time. i'd forgotten just how good some of that stuff was (downtime for example).

    i take no responsibility for some of the trial and error compilation stuff...
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    That is cycling.
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    Dirty Deeds

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    i've met him in real life.... needless to say, its pretty rad

    plus as your talking of old school aussie HC one band comes to mind - PC Thug
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    eating just one packet of mie-goring is like only having half a wank
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous;
    I vote for James Kent. That jaw line would sell out the MCG.

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    Send me some of that love I lived at the art house for about five years and any all ages gig that I could get to by train.

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    Who is Nikcee?
    Quote Originally Posted by alexb618 View Post
    this comment has elevated you to a 'level 6 warrior' ranking in my opinion
    i'd like to Fuck you Mckenny.

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