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Thread: Bummer Lifed?

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    Bummer Lifed?

    Ok, so who was bummer lifed? Photo from Melbourn Roubaix CP1


    Quote Originally Posted by heavymetal View Post
    The furries probably think us bike people are a bunch of freaks.
    Quote Originally Posted by lokione View Post
    Whatever! Next month I'm gonna ride a uni cycle with a paddle tyre accross Bass Straight with Afgan midget siamese twin strippers on my shoulders to raise awearness for migrant exploitation. Amature...
    Quote Originally Posted by justdave View Post
    That's sig worthy, some one jump on it!
    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
    Slightly confused as to what a town bike was (is it fixed, where can I find one, how much does it cost, how long must I wait for shipping?) I googled "town bike".

    Well I feel silly now

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    Re: Bummer Lifed?

    Thats nz chris, someone, someone, lucas, someone, the golden greek, someone, andy.

    Love this one with Slick screaming encouragement;

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