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Thread: Tyres

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    Hello All,

    I used the search function but didn't come up with what I needed. I am about to buy some new tyres but wanted opinions from the all knowing membership. I want a training tyre for the roadie, 23mm or 25mm, I want it to have good grip especially on fast windy descents and I want it to be long lasting and highly puncture resistance, not so worried about weight. I have previously used rubino's (don't like the way they descend), gatorskins (no qaulms with them) and Ultremo ZX's (loved them to bits but they burst at the seem and also punctured easily, so did my bro's). So I'm thinking about the following;

    Schwalbe Durano
    Schwalbe Durano Plus
    Schwalbe Ultremo DD
    Continental Gatorskins

    What do people think of these options? Any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Also interested in this.
    Love the Gatorskins in a 25c, but haven't used any of the Schwalbes. I've heard good things from various people about them, but have had such good luck with Gators that I haven't been game to switch.

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    The new GP 4000's look pretty good

    I've just tested michelin and even though the prorace 4's are sticky, combine them with latex tubes and they lose air pressure and require re pumping before most rides or at least every couple.

    a set of pre race 3's lasted me one skid but it was a large one.

    They both seem a bit spongy after a certain forum member told me he hated them and they always felt flat, I hadnt notced it until then,
    I'll be testing a set of challenger's when i next have the coin.

    oh and trigger come and get your rapha biddon.
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    Having ridden three out of those four tyres you mention, my comments would be this:

    Schwalbe Durano Plus- the benchmark puncture resistant tyre, extremely long lasting, however the Plus edition is quite heavy and the blue insert makes for a rather 'dull' ride quality. Great for training, but don't expect magic carpet ride. I would expect the vanilla Durano version to be a great all rounder.

    Schwalbe Ultremo DD- these are probably my 2nd favourite tyre of all time (1st is the Vittoria Evo Pave 24c clincher)- Amazing grip in the wet, sticky rubber with surprisingly good puncture resistance. The soft sticky rubber comes at a cost though and they won't last anywhere near as long as the Durano Plus.

    Gatorskin- another puncture resistant classic. I'm a big fan, but the Durano Plus has much better wet weather grip IMO. Gatorskins are crazy slippery when it starts raining.

    In summary, I'd go the Ultremo DD or Vittoria Evo Pave. If puncture resistance is the priority, go the Durano Plus or regular.
    If you have a steel or carbon roadie you can get away with 23c size, but if you have aluminium, definitely go the 25c for much better comfort.
    My 2 cents.
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    I ran a 25c Durano Plus for about 7 months and only just started going through to the blue. They're on the larger side of a 25c, but they're a burly and awesome tyre. Great grip in all conditions, never had a flat on it (courier use for 4 or 5 months), look cool. Downfall is they're expensive, but IMO totally worth it.
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    i love gators but fuck me in the wet there is nothing worse to be climbing or descending on, the grip goes to shit
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    Great if you can find a tyre that meets your needs but I doubt it. For the most tyres are a compromise.

    I put puncture resistance fairly low priority. I rarely flat, I know some people that flat all the time. If you fall into the latter camp then there's something you're not doing right (imo).

    Grippy tyres for the most tend not to last as long. Most long lasting tyres bore me to tears and feel dull to ride. I think you're better to ride wider grippy tyres at lower pressures and they should last longer than the same tyre in a narrower width.
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    The new GP 4000's look pretty good
    i've been using these and like them.

    was running GP 4season 25s which are also good.

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    Has anybody ridden/heard things about the Michelin PRO OPTIMUM?

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    I had Durano Plus (25's) on my road bike and they were awesome, but felt a but sluggish. I stuck them on my wife's tarck commuter and she wasn't a fan. However neither of us had flatted on them in a year.

    I like Gators on my fixed, even in the wet... But I only ride ~10k's a day in the wet and it's pretty straightforward.
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