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Thread: FOA Show N Shine! - Saturday December 1st

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    After spending the day at the fyxo bike show, then this, my brain is still reeling from the awesomeness of so many amazing bikes and so many nice people in one place at one time.

    Very impressed by how well the show was organised and how smoothly it all happened. And how many quality builds Blakey is responsible for.

    I have a few photos that I'll put up when I get home. Looking forward to Andy's coverage.

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    Awesome afternoon!

    Thanks to Lyndon for giving me a lift back into the city in the pouring rain.

    Still upset by the lack of Giants there though.
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    Agreed Alex! Such a huge day of so many amazing bikes and so many rad people all at once. It's almost a little too much for my head to handle. Will be sorting out my photos over the next couple of days so will hopefully have them up before too long.

    Thanks again to everyone involved. Such a great night and I echo the statement of others that I hope this becomes a regular thing.

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    That was a super fun night, the place was humming and everything just flowed. Big congrats to Rolly and Nick for making it happen.

    Personal highlight for me was having my 'mystery' track frame identified by the builder himself! (insert exploding head gif.) Now if only I could remember his name...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dead legs View Post
    Now if only I could remember his name...
    fknlol! and awesome at the same time!

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    Instaphotos, peppered with cars thanks to Rolly's arbitrary hashtag choice:
    Instagram Photo Feed on the Web - Gramfeed | #


    Each judge (me, Dead Legs, ko) picked our top five in each category and gave 5/4/3/2/1 points to each and tallied the totals. I recused myself from voting in Step Through and Beardo as I had built bikes in both of those categories. The judges personal bikes were ineligible for prizes. Maximum score is thus 15pts, or 10pts in Step Through / Beardo.

    Sir Kev's restored Cinelli 15pts
    SL's crazypanto Somec 8pts

    JKLP's Roberts 9pts
    ??'s Risi 8pts

    Street Fixed:
    Pin.20's Record with amazing triple harlequin bartape 13pts
    Tha Jams' fluoro Hoffy 11pts

    Val's red Raleigh 14pts
    ??'s Dawes CXmuter 9pts

    Prudence's Holdsworth mixte 10pts
    Incomplete Streets' Claud Butler mixte 8pts

    Incomplete Streets' "Zeus" 10pts
    ??'s Graecross 8pts

    People's choice:
    Sir Kev's Cinelli with 10 votes
    Blakey's Concorde with 8 votes

    Whimsy Prizes:
    Best Australian made suite: Warren Meade / Bicycle Passion
    Best DIY: Kahl belt drive fixed
    WTF?!?: Scott's AMP Research B5 bounce machine
    Can't Stop, Don't wanna: Courtney for brakeless fixing his Pista Concept into two broken thumbs/wrists
    "Locked Up": Courier Alan's silver Box Dog Bikes stickered fixed
    "What's this all about then?": Chern's purple ano Vitus with Mavic group, who just happened to be riding past.
    Worst Bike: Gene's cracked Cannondale with shagged drivetrain and loose headset on a carbon steerer
    Lowest Tyre Pressure, aka the Nixies: Damoh@COG's fatbiek
    Josiah 5Bling award to Dan Reid for his antique bike

    Rooster has portraits of the winning bikes plus their owners coming.

    Thanks to all our fantastic sponsors, volunteers for helping setup / teardown, the Electron Workshop for the rad venue, Blaine @ Cargone Couriers for providing beats and all you bike dorks for bringing down your rides and hanging out.

    And Rolly. Three big cheers to Rolly for working behind the scenes to pull this together.

    Roll on Show & Shine 2013, I have a few more bikes up my sleeve I'll bring along next year, I'm gunning for you Sir Kev.
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    I almost want to move to melburn i think.

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    Big ups to all who made it happen: Nick, Rolly, judges, volunteers!!!!!
    Big ups to the sponsors, too!!! I'm stoked on the bounty - and the kit and shirt fit me!!!
    I had an awesome time, would have been great even if I didn't win stuff. For one thing, it was amazing to finally ride the bike after five years of waiting.

    Blakey: come at me, bro!

    Can't wait for next year... Hopefully I won't be finishing my bike on the afternoon of the event and will remember to shorten my straddle cables

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    Can't believe the Tartan BT didn't get a spot on the winners podium!!! But it was nice to have it out in the sunshine again!! Thanks for running a great day and will defs come to the next one as well..

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