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Thread: Olympics Track Racing

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    Olympics Track Racing

    Starts early Friday our time:

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    good work
    you can't fool fate so don't be late

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    Go Perko!

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    Britain's track cycling team will unveil revolutionary battery-powered hot pants in London's Olympic velodrome following covert trials over 18 months designed to give the home nation a scientific advantage over their rivals.

    The team's physiologist has told Fairfax the technology will change track cycling — and potentially other sports — forever, in a similar fashion that high-tech suits have changed elite swimming.

    Every member of Great Britain's already imposing track unit will wear the custom-fit, cutting-edge pants from the time they finish their warm-up until the moment they step onto the boards.
    Read more: Hot pants are British team's secret weapon in medal push

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    New Zealand's track cycling team have rubbished the revolutionary 'hot pants' unveiled by their British and Australian rivals, saying their humble electric blankets will do the same job.
    London Olympics | NZ track cyclists rubbish 'hot... |

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    "Stoners pot palace... Man that is blatant false advertising"
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    Any pants That Vic Pendelton wears are hot pants.

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    I was warned about all you assholes
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    This forum never ceases to amaze me...

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    i won't give anything away in case people taped it, but seems there was a bit of drama at the track last night.....

    *spoiler alert*

    reports can be found here and here
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    watched it all without commentary on an nbc stream

    was very strange.
    not as exciting.

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