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Thread: Nightshift eBay finds

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    Yeah but no. I offered him $250, subject to inspection and test ride and maybe I would go to the full $400 if I liked it. But he said he had someone else coming to look at it. Anyway, just thinking about hardtail, rigid fork MTBs got me thinking about that Marin Pine Mountain 0 that Topedo7 had a while ago because I really want gears, not so keen on SS MTB.

    I started a thread about it.

    So I logged into torpedo7 and find that they are now 35% off or $844, which is confusing because their 100% figure changes by the day. That's a real old retail trick, raise the price then offer a huge discount a few days later. I am almost tempted to wait for the 50% off sale which is probably coming but, WTF, its what I want so I just clicked yes. I'll post it up in an appropriate thread when it arrives.

    As for this Raleigh, it looks like a pretty good deal for any vertically challenged folk looking for SS MTB.

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    I have the 2016 Pine Mountain 0. Personally I wouldn't go near the 2017 version because of the oddball hub spacing, but that price is pretty good, they used to be around $1.2k

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