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Thread: Marin Pine Mountain - opinions?

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    Beware of the derpy 9 x 141 "boost QR" non-standard standard. Good luck getting an aftermarket or replacement wheel for that. As far as I can tell only the Marn Pine Mountain and Pine Mountain 1 use it.
    perhaps its as simple as end caps with standard boost hubs but somehow I doubt it.

    More here:

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    So I got one delivered for $924. ($844 + $80) shipping. It arrived Monday night but I've been so bloody busy with work that I had no time to do more than take it out of the box.

    But tonight I fixed it up and went out for a quick ride around the block. There was a funny clicking during pedalling which turned out to be the rear DR cable hitting the chain ring. Closer inspection revealed that there is no way to secure the cable under the BB. I don't remember this being a problem on my last MTB that I sold about 2 years ago. I had to wrap some electric tape to get it out of the way. I think the root cause is that the cable is just too long and not cut to suit the size of the bike. It's a small, so maybe the factory just make one set of cables and don't adjust lengths for small,medium,large, XL etc.

    The hydro disks aren't all that strong. And the 780mm bars will be a problem filtering down Collins street between the traffic and the parked cars. I think I'll be swapping those out.

    Other than that I am pretty happy. The colour scheme, silver-grey and orange, looks much better in the metal than the pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Banana Bob View Post
    The hydro disks aren't all that strong.
    Have you bedded the rotors and pads in yet? First stops on new pads always suck but then there's a magical moment of grab

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlammableThinker View Post
    Have you bedded the rotors and pads in yet? First stops on new pads always suck but then there's a magical moment of grab
    My first thought too.

    Find a hill, get to the top, ride down with your brakes on initially lightly and then harder as you go further down, pedalling to ensure you keep moving, scrub that first layer off the pads and get them to bite into the disc. Go back up to the top of the hill, and then bomb down it and try your brakes, they should be working better now.

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