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Thread: could you beat anna meares?

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    Re: could you beat anna meares?

    .. with what? :evil:

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    I've stopped trying to explain to n00b crabonbros why I ride a custom steel frame. I just tell them that their bike is lighter than mine so it's better. Saves time.

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    Re: could you beat anna meares?

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    Re: could you beat anna meares?

    I'm waiting for heatseeker to post up how fast a time that is... and whether he thinks he can get the hell ride to beat the time and enter as a bunch.

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    In other words, don't waste a nice single malt on someone who likes extra ice in their scotch and coke.
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    Lance using drugs does not have an impact on the amount of wheelies I do when going to the shops.
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    Re: could you beat anna meares?

    I've been wondering who it was that painted "start" and "finish" on the road down there.

    on current form i could maybe beat Anna Bligh... :|

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    Re: could you beat anna meares?

    eitherway, it has made me even keener for the track world cup...

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    Re: could you beat anna meares?

    I was more suprised to see a track cyclist on a road bike... and actually doing okay! :lol:

    Ah, then I see the distance: 700m lol
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    I thought it was called touring and you did it on a shitbox Shogun from 1992

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    Re: could you beat anna meares?

    Great videos. Female trackies scare the shit out of me! Only thing that could have made that video better would have been Anna mashing up the hill fixed, passing that roadie along the way then finishing off with a mad skid!
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    As long as we look cool doing it and we can gram out there i dont care

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    Re: could you beat anna meares?

    I can't be bothered watching the vid. She does a standing start I presume. What's her time?

    Watching most womens sport is like watching an egg n spoon race. :evil: :wink:
    'Sharking' is the lamest shit I ever heard of!

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    Re: could you beat anna meares?

    who on earth takes their quick release skewer out?
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    ..never let the weather dictate what I do with my life...
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