See.Sense Bike Light

Best road sensing bike light

The See.Sense bike light incorporates a number of onboard intelligent sensors, such as speed, outdoor lighting conditions and even the ability to sense whether you’re weaving through traffic or not – flashing brighter and faster as required (for example, flashing faster and brighter as you slow down, or when it detects cars), to make you more visible when you most need it most.

The See.Sense features extremely bright LED’s (125 lumens), a long run-time (~12hours), USB charging, no switches (using motion gestures to control on/off) , within a completely weatherproof housing.

Designed and made in Great Britain.


Pros: Drastically increases visibility, well made, long lasting battery.
Cons: Pricey, possible theft target if forgotten on bike

Price / Where to buy

Buy online with free shipping – currently $103.49AUD (14% off).