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Thread: Evoc Bike Travel Bag, Track Bike

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    Evoc Bike Travel Bag, Track Bike

    This is my review of the Evoc Bike Travel Bag + Stand.

    Evoc Bike Travel Bag: (AUS) $446.49 (Learn more)
    Evoc Aluminium Stand: (AUS) $139.99

    Im flying my Nagasawa Track bike from Australia to London. I thought people on here might be interested so i decided to document it.

    The black bolts/road skewer that came with the stand did not fit my track dropouts or front forks. So i had to improvise with some nuts bolts and washers

    You can adjustment the hight in 3 steps and the length the full size of the stand. I also removed the pedals, chain and chain tensors.

    A little extra tip: Mark off with some masking tape the hight of your stem and seat post. This will make it is easy to put them back to your preferred hight at your final destination.

    I had spare bubble wrap so decided to wrap the frame and one crank arm.

    I attached the handlebars with stem to the included Frame Pad onto the frame backwards (it fit better backwards with bubble wrap)

    Inserted the stand and frame into the bag. Clipped in the forks. Bubble wrapped the pedals and clipped them in. Tied in the saddle with seat post attached. Added the chain, tools and small parts into the zip compartment.

    I expect the pressure in a plane could pop the tyres, so remember and let the air out of them.

    All packed up and ready to go. I fly in a few weeks time. I will post an update on the the bags Performance.

    Now just to worry about the rest of my luggage...

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